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can guys get raped by girls ? cause I feel like its always the girls that are saying he rape me and what if a girl rape a guy, I know most guys would gladly enjoyed it but ..just for example u are a guy and u walk into a girls toilet by accident , they will first scream then call the police. but if its the other way around its not likely guys will call the police . well end of the day I blame the tree. COMMENTS please

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  • I am a guy. I have walked into the women's restroom by mistake. I got a funny look, no screams. I can assure you women do not call the police on you for that. You will be asked to leave, that is it. You are wildly overestimating the consequences of honest mistakes.

  • Most rapes, of both guys AND girls, are committed by men. Rape is much easier with a dick.

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