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I am very thankful for everything mommy and daddy... I am sorry that I f***** up... I slept with my coworker when I was in my first month at the job. Please, don't get me wrong. I don't do stuffs like that but I really wanted him. I was desperate and hungry for love. Then He played with me, teased me. I've been through a lot but I am okay now. I thought, I grew up... But today I learnt that half of my coworkers know about us. A female friend of us suspected and told everyone. I am worried, am I going to lose my job? Or they are going to count me as a whore?

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  • It sounds like you live in an old fashioned reserved society. I'm from one too and I understand the fear you're feeling. Hope it turns out well

  • whats done is done stop worrying about it and be confident in what u have done accept ur decision and move forward with ur life

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