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I feel like kicking my dad real hard when he comes to me with a stick to beat me. He beats me for the things which I haven't done. Even if I try to clear my points, he thinks that I'm lying. When I somehow clear my side, and he becomes wrong, he just gives me big jobs like clean the house floors and walls, clean bathroom, etc .I have lost the respect towards my dad. I don't feel like calling him 'dad'. He says to everyone that, he's like a friend to me. Not. He never guided me in anything. Never taught how to face hard situations in life. I just ended up being a non confident guy who's shy and an introvert.

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  • Your dad has no right to beat you up. You should stand up against him

  • don't blame your dad for being a shy awkward introver or whatever tho. you would be the same way wether you had the perfect father or not.

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