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Honestly, I judge you based on your spelling and grammar errors. If you're elderly and had to drop out of school early like my grandmother, that's okay, I'll try to remember it. If you have a learning disability, that's okay. If English isn't your first language, that's okay too. But if you're none of the above, I'm not sure there's an excuse for misspelling third grade level words constantly. And when there's some form of spell checker on 99% of our electronic typing devices, there's no excuse for not knowing you spelled it wrong. Just follow the spelling suggestion. Or google how you think the word is spelled and Google will fix it for you. Or just ask someone how to spell it. Just say you had a brain fart.

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  • My primary language is French and I'm still learning English....is that okay??

  • Will it fix all gramma & spelling as I'm texting too

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