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I hate that some people are so homophobic they re taking "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town off some radio stations. It's not even about lesbians! If you actually listen to the lyrics, it's not gay at all. It's about a girl who's so jealous of her crush's girlfriend. Her crush is the guy the girl is dating, not the girl. "I wanna taste her lips, cuz they taste like yours". Wanting to kiss a girl just to try and taste a man's lips? That's pretty hetero. This girl wants to BE her crush's girlfriend. She wants her hair, her body, to know what it feels like to be in that guy's bed. A "girl crush" doesn't necessarily mean you want to be with her. It can mean you want to be her. If you're actually into girls, you can just call it a crush like anyone hetero. I understand people, especially older Southerners, not understanding how lesbians really work. But how can radio DJs not listen to a song? One DJ said it creeped him out. Well if you listened to it, you'd know better.

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  • i'm glad that a song being left out of the radio is your biggest concern

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