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Ok so I'm 20, 5'1 and barely over 100 lbs. I can't gain weight but I lose it quick without trying. Most of my coworkers don't understand why I eat so much or why I get pains. I work 7-8 hour shifts where I'm not aloud to eat. I'm suppose to eat every other hour or I'll get dizzy and a lot of pain. When I try to explain this to people, they just laugh and tell me to enjoy be skinny. They realize how much pain it puts me in until they see it. By the time I got out last night, my sides and back was hurting to the point I was about to cry,and too nauseous to eat much along with a fever. I'd rather have more fat on my bones than being able to see my bones.

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  • Suck to be this way because people dont understand wanting to gain weight when the world is obsessed with being skinny...... People always say your so lucky.... Well if i said that to a fat person id be rude right?

  • I feel you. I feel you so much. A lot of my female friends are curvy, and they always hate on me when they see that I'm eating anything but a salad. The fact that I pass out when I don't eat doesn't stay in their mind for more than two days, apparently.

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