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there is this guy. he has everything, I mean everything. He's smart, crazy, funny, metalhead, he even likes my favourite colour. His face is harmonic and beautiful, his eyes are green(ish, but again...) and his hair dark, even his blood type, maaan! He has most of the things the perfect guy has in my head. But for some reason I don't like him as a crush. I mean, I do care for him and like spending time with him and definately would like to hook up with him, but I don't think about it as I usually do with those I have a crush on. Is something wrong with me?

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  • Wow..."he even likes my favorite color." Usually my criteria is something like does he have the same moral values as me? Same view on ethics? Religion? Do I see a future with him? Do we want kids?

  • yes, you are too idiot and naive for him

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