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At this very moment, I have the immense pleasure of having the flu, ten active allergies (by "active" I mean the plants are blooming at the moment), a bacterial infection of my skin that causes a rather terrific rash as well as some other unpleasant and quite gross cosmetic damages and my period, which causes extreme pain to the point of fainting and/or throwing up due to a permanent medical condition. I know it's not actually a problem. It's all just little things. Individually, all this wouldn't bother me in the least bit. But everything combined? I look like a zombie that died of the plague after bathing in tear gas and pepper spray and I can't even eat because I'm permanently throwing up. Plus the fever and all the other flu stuff and the breathing problems. Next week it'll all be over and life will be great again. Just sucks because I had big plans this weekend.

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  • be glad you're not in the wild like we humans used to,with natural selection,someone with such low defenses would die,but you're in the modern world and you can be cured

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