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For some people like me, having no parents will be a big relief, don't get me wrong, I do love them, and I am not just an ungrateful bitch, I am willing to repay them for all the money they spent on my education (which is they are currently waiting for) once I get accepted in the hospital, but they are so strict (yes I've confessed here before,the 24 yr old), they were physically abusive when I was younger, not just light spank (it is no biggie for me), but I received heavy spanking and pulled my hair from first floor to up, I was even crawling the stairs when she was pulling my hair. Glad that was finished, though when I went to h.s and college, they became verbally and mentally abusive. I got used to it somehow, but I can't just leave... If only I can, I will.

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  • I am an orphan. well my mother is dead and dad out of reach. It was hard as a kid but these days.... It sounds hard... but I don't mind it at all. It's just fine.

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