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I live constantly aroused but my bf seems to be bothered by that. He has become lazy after 2 years and never does foreplay. It's usually when he wants sex that we actually do anything. The other day he finished, I didn't. He got upset but never offered to even finger me to finish me off. He speaks of marriage but do I want to live with someone who won't sexually please me? At the beginning of the relationship he did. I've had 3 sexual partners in my life and only the first was always ready and willing like me. I'm starting to think men aren't truly the sex starved beings they claim. I don't want to feel like this, but I need sex so badly I often think of cheating! I'd never do it though. Advice?

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  • Have a talk about it with him, a serious one, don't let him get away from it, like the two adults you're supposed to be (since you're talking about marriage). Don't ever, ever, I say, ever cheat. Better end it than cheating, but as I said, talk about it, cheers and good luck.

  • idk get a new boyfriend

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