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I am 25 years old,and at this 25 years I might be death 6 times.one time I wrongly fired gas station and gas station didn't to blow out.One time I sit down a place and after 15minutes later I realised that a packet is near me.This packet was a bomb packet,and ı shocked and called to police,and police interrogate me and police pounded me because they think I did the bomb but I save a lot of people's life.One time I had had small cardiac surgery,like anjiography.but when this surgery I had a bad complication,this complication seems only less than 1bilion of one.(a deathless aritmy complication).And now I have cardiac pacemaker for my hearth(cardiac battery).This was real examples of my strange life,If ı say all of the things you can't believe me.I haven't seen any strange life like me,also at films I didn't see.I am 25years old,how it be this my small life very strange I don't understand.

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  • I'm sorry for you, but your English physically hurts me.

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