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As an Automobile Designer, I hate hearing questions like "Can you design a car for me to drive?, "What is your salary for drawing?", "Do you have the chance to drive the sports cars anytime?", "Can you take those cars to home?", "Can you get them for free?", etc.. I really feel pissed off when my relatives and cousins ask me this. At the beginning, they used to ask these and I took everything as fun. Whenever I see them, they will ask one of the questions from the above mentioned... I really love doing my job. I converted my hobby into a profession. Every project given to me is not taken as a job but a free-time hobby to do.

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  • you are an asocial asshole then

  • Do you work on crossovers? Because that guy has the easiest job ever! If you remove the front bumper, badges, and grill ever crossover from every company looks identical. porsche Macan, Rav4, Glk, Escape.... All the same!

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