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you know that fear of telling someone you like about your feelings towards them but scared it might screw up your friendship with them and things will be awkward ?

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  • I sooooo know that. Mainly because I need the person to be my best friend to fall in love with him (I'm female, by the way). But there will be moments of a comfortable silence, after both deliberately showing signs of love and care. Experience has taught me not to let these moments of comfortable silence pass by just because of stereotypes and rules for desperate people (such as "female should never confess" or "males have to act tough"). We're all people, equal and yet unique. Each case is different, but the basic things are: you'll never know if you don't try; free will is free will, and... love happens when and how it's meant to happen. ☺ Be courageous! 👌

  • it's normal to be fearful that they make think this way but if u don't it could hurt them to

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