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I'm newly married and I miss how my spouse and I were when we were dating. I was wet 24/7 and our sex life was so amazing. Now that we're living together he's hardly in the same room that I am and it's just not interesting having sex anymore. I'm not even wet when I'm sucking his dick anymore. What's wrong with me?!

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  • welcome to "marriage", one of the stupidest thing ever invented by religious fanatics. This is what marriage is about, it is not like the fairy tale you see on Disney movies. Getting married only get things worse, couples should live together without getting married, leaving the doors opened, so you everyday will be forced to do something to keep your partner loving you and not wabting to leave, but when people get married that conquering fascination gets just dead, killed, etc.

  • Do something to spice up your life. I'm not married nor have I ever been, but throughout my past relationships things have gotten bland pretty quick. Just gotta find new ways to pick it back up. You seem to already know everything about each other but try to find new things and new interests. There is a whole new world out there, I wish you and your husband all the best.

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