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My wife cheated last year while I was locked up in county. We worked through it, and agreed that I get one free "pass" to pick anyone I want to sleep with, to "even it out". For a year I didn't cash in that coupon, then last month I fucked my ex who she HAAAATTTEESSS - there, fucking even! I felt bad for a minute because I continued fucking the ex... then the wife showed me a video of her with another couple, and it turns out that she's been visiting them twice a week for the past 3 months! Instead of splitting up we decided to go with it - and THANK GOD, because I really missed having the ex.

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  • It sounds like you both might be polyamorous. If you relationship with your wife is nurturing and healthy and you both have healthy relationships outside of each other, then way to go!

  • Damn I was in county for a year and my now ex cheated on me also....I never went back to her though. Feels bro.

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