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I'm a girl and I never actually thought I will love the same gender as me. We talked and hang out everyday at school, cuddle sometimes, holding hands and do other sweet things. Then boom, I fell hardly to her. She admits that she love me too. So there's now an exchange of i love you's just like what couple do. But she don't want to commit or have relationship with me. She said that we just go with the flow. Months passed and im still deeply inlove with her up to.now. One day everything changed. Those sweet messages from her turned into cold ones. I tried to work things out about us but nothing worked. I find out that she's now with this guy who is our classmate with one subject. They are very sweet in photos. That really made my heart break. Also I saw them together in school. I felt pain. So much pain even though we are not in a relationship. I miss her everyday and I wish she would come back to me. I never felt this way before. She is my first love. I want to forget her but everything just reminds me of her. I don't really know what to do. Should I fight my love for her or just let go and move on..

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  • It will pass. I've been there. I hope you find somebody who loves you as equally as you love them.

  • Move on; it's not fair to her if you just wait around for the relationship to end so you can swoop in, but it's also not fair to you. You deserve happiness, and unfortunately it won't be from her. However, somebody else could be just as good for you.

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