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I have several hobbies. To pay for them I save aluminum cans and other scrap metal that I take to the recyclers for cash. I also save spare change and sometimes sell things connected to my hobbies that I no longer use, tools, music equipment etc. I usually take a small portion of any bonuses I get from work as well and the rest goes into the savings, checking, credit cards and bill payments. We are not rich but certainly not poor and my wife has no problem with the way I support my hobbies. But I do feel guilty sometimes. Any thoughts on this? Anyone?

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  • what's the hobbies

  • What you do sounds really good. It's so good that you don't put all your money into your hobbies, you need to afford other stuff aswell like rent and you also have to save money, and you do all this really good. I don't think that you should feel guilty at all, cus you are pretty much doing everything right and I think that your wife should have said if your hobbies but your economi at risk. Don't feel guilty, good luck and enjoy your hobbies.

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