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Today I told my boyfriend that I wanted to leave him and never see him again. He doesn't seem to get that by breaking his promises to me I am not going to want to be with him in the future. He also thinks it's okay to delete friend requests off guys I know from my Facebook but that he can stalk random girls on his profile. He is also a disgusting slob, he's increasingly putting on weight and he leaves food particles and drink stains all over the floor yet got really agitated if I didn't make the bed properly. I've tied to talk to him about all of the issues we have yet he just makes embarrassing excuses for everything - it's always somebody elses fault with him, he's a grown man yet acts like an hormonal brat. I just got so tired of his shitty double standards that today I told him to go to Hell. Feels good Man,

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  • sounds like u got stuck with my ex, lol that would be funny. i was with the same type of guy, felt like i was taking care of a fucking child and didnt have a boyfriend. so glad to be out of that shit!! deserve better

  • Some guys never understand that a well grounded woman will not stay with a man she can not respect. You can love him, but love yourself more; it's about self respect.

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