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I'm only 22 and I want to have a baby. Not because I'm completely ready, but because I have so many issues with my ovaries I'm terrified if I wait any longer I wont be able to carry to term, and have a healthy child.

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  • If it doesn't work out I'm sorry. Infertility has been emotionally crippling for my wife ( as well as countless other women). But there's always foster care and adoption available to make the best of a bad situation

  • I sincerely advise you not to rush it. If you cannot first become the person you want to be, and have the life you want, you might doom your child to an unhappy life. I know too many parents who couldn't live their dreams, and tried to live their dreams through their children... my parents did the same to me, and the result was a lot of friction, and I had to leave home when I was 17. I know countries where this mass phenomenon turned the current 20-30 y.o. generation into incompetent labor force. So it's a really bad problem (I'm a social scientist, what're you gonna do?). I won't pretend that adoption is the same as giving birth, but you should at least consider it seriously. Please think of the impact your own life will have on your baby. First you need to grow yourself before you can grow another human being.

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