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I feel like everytime my relationship with my boyfriend gets better it suddenly gets awful. Like for the past week it was really nice, we were sweet and even intimate. But yesterday and today he would get nasty for no reason. It makes me want to break up with him but we've been together for so long now that I just don't know how to get out.

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  • Emotionally unstable = toxic. You don't need that... no one does. He... he may not even be a bad person, but he has an issue and he has to cure himself before he can have a relationship with you. I've had a guy like that but I got rid of him even before we had a relationship: it was a time in my life when I just moved back to my childhood town, after 15 years away in another continent. If a guy would provide me stability that would be great, it was a time when I most needed stability. He had these emotional problems, on a saturday he'd be all candies and flowers, the following monday he'd be all thorns and poison. Then I started to ask myself "do I need this? Do I really need this??". No. At that point of my life, what I needed the most was stability.

  • Why you say he would get nasty?

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