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my girlfriend got me to play Mozart piano sonatas while she gave me heads, she threaten to bite off my 8===D I I stop playing before I #£%&& (cum) u know them after that she left for work, now I'm just afraid that she want to to play while she has sex with me. what can I do I ask her why she wanted to do this wired thing, of course I don't say wired but I said like why do you want me to play the piano then f*** me. then she said she always wanted to have sex in a concert hall she wish it can come true. just the other day she got me to do her while listening to Beethoven 7th symphony what next book Victoria concert hall ? but I love her

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  • Dude just shut the fuck up. I didn't mind the double posting, nor the your insensitive thoughts towards your girlfriend, but your grammatical skills make me want to claw my eyes out.

  • Why is there so many of the same weirdo confessions? Is it just one guy constantly posing about it in different ways or what?

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