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I feel like I'm suffocating because I'll never fulfil my parents expectations

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  • Pleasing my mom's expectations is not my best feature, but being conscious of the possibility that it may never happen was enough to help me get through years of not getting it right with my mom (even in the tiniest little things of daily life). Yet, it's what makes her my mom, and it's what makes me me. You'll survive. There's a God who nobody believes in these days, but He's a father and He loves you just how you are (if He ever allows a challenge in your life, His intentions are for you to become the best you can be). Parents are humans too. They need to be reminded of that too, we all are. I moved out 2 years ago when opportunity presented itself, I'm now 30. I guess I survived. Stay strong. I even got through university (tough but I did!). Now I'm even investing in my own short courses and I seem to be enjoying studying now that it's a choice of mine. Do your best, I believe God will do His part and bless you. He's a father too, a perfect one!

  • Sometimes parents expectations are too high. They push and push and push their children until their children hit a wall, and that wall happens to be depression. If you're doing the best you can, that's all you can do. Don't fight against that wall so much that it hurts just to fulfill their expectations. You're their child, and you're only human. You can only do so much.

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