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ive never been in a relationship. when theres potential between myself and another, i question whether it will work out. how far can our relationship go? will we marry? kids? whats our financial situation look like? is it weird to think like this for a guy? maybe im overthinking..

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  • Even if you bump into a wrong person to share you're future and build a family with, you'll end up happy for having the courage to make it work or at least for trying, you'll learn what you want and what you don't want, you'll be come experienced and determined. Even if you find an awesome person who wants the same as you, sometimes circumstances aren't at your favour as well. What I mean is, there are factors you should consider, yes. Timing, personality, objectives and goals... but not trying due to overthinking is such a waste. If those are excused then maybe you don't want it that much. Oh, remember: in love.... you should believe, aim for the best, but keep in mind: there's always free will. If it doesn't turn out as planned, more often than not: it can be both's fault, or no one's fault at all if circumstances aren't on your side. The only 2 things that kind of kill love these days are pride and fear. Again, just my principles talking. And yes, I'm pro-love and pro-happiness.

  • Listen, darling. I hate to think it but you are overthinking it. You're still young, so get out there and act like it. You don't have to party all the time and become completely carefree, but you need to let down your hair a little bit and relax. It's okay to think about those things after a few dates, when things start to get more serious. But not everybody is going to want to get married and have kids, so you have to pick out all the people you don't want to be with, not just based on those reasons. Yes, they are good qualities and things to think about, just not right away.

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