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my friend showed me a photo of a girl that use to go to our highschool before she transferred to a better one. i faked that i didnt know her. he said everyone who meets her falls in love. i always try to be different. the odd one out. too bad. i fell in love with her. she knits. what a coincidence, ive started to knit now too. but in all seriousness, i love her because she makes me someone better. ive started focusing in studying since i just graduated from hs to uni. ive begun extracurricular activities. ive begun helping the needy (knitting for the needy). she also makes me smarter, ive begun learning random funny topics to tell her if any chance we ever meet. we've only communicated via fb. she has no interest with me. we live in different states. this marks my love of pursuit. idc if it takes 10 years, im chasing after her.

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  • I wish you all the best, my friend. I'd love to have the opportunity to shake your hand. It's guys like you that gives others hope.

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