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im short. when i see tall people i get abit jealous and angry. its not their fault but i cant help myself. my tall friend gets pissed sometimes because i always mention that hes lucky to be tall. i know being tall has their own bad side. but come on short people, RELATE WITH ME!!!! SHORT PEOPLE UNITE!!! btw im 186cm (guy)

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  • Shut up attention whore.

  • I have no clue what the f*ck the people below me had done to them in their childhood. Maybe they were forced to eat toxic waste, because being gay and being insecure does have nothing to do with each other. And 1,86m is not small. I'm a girl and I'm 1,80m and that seems to intimidate guys so much that they're scared to talk to me. Short is 1,53 m. And for me, as a tall person, short is anything below 1,60m. I have no clue where you live so that you consider yourself short. How tall are the people at your f*cking place? 3 m and up, or what? Seriously, you're not short, you just need a bunch of self esteem. Nothing against insecure people here, and sorry for sounding rude, but it pisses me off to see people using the word gay as an insult and think being gay makes people weak. I'm gay, and some of the bravest persons I met are also gay. And people who are homophobic are insecure themselves - about their own sexuality. Must suck not to be able to just live life without giving a sh*t about what people say. Idiots.

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