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I have a hell of a lot of weird fetishes. But no one knows this. My friends know I'm crazy and pretty open about my sexuality. But I guess that's not true, since none of them know what I'm actually into. I wonder what it would be like if I actually fell in love and had a relationship - would I ever actually tell my partner? They'd probably be so weirded out that they'd run away screaming. Oh, and by the way, I'm a girl - which I don't think is important to this confession, but I found out that people around me kind of think only guys have fetishes, so I didn't want anyone to get the wrong image.

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  • If you love them, don't keep anything from them. It sounds like you don't trust anybody to know about this, and trust is kind of important in a relationship XD

  • I have a strong stomach growling fetish (girl's stomachs only) and I've told every partner about this, though only two have actually let me listen and then mess around. I say tell them, and if they accept it, great! If they don't, well, they don't. Just hope for the best.

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