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I have been sleeping at around 3am everyday its not that i dont have enough time to sleep, i just lay there and think about how my life is shit and i cant express this to anyone since they might think im saying im depressed for attention

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  • You're stronger than you think you are and I have hope that you'll get through whatever is bothering you. But as a way to comfort you, you're not the only one in the world who does that. It's perfectly acceptable!

  • It's okay. I do the exact same thing. If I'm not asleep in say, 15 minutes? I get up and walk around for a bit, get a drink of water or something and then lay back down and try again. Doing this reminds your body that your bed is a place for sleeping, not stressing out about your life and problems. Also, don't constantly look at a clock. When you are constantly looking at a clock, you're telling yourself that you are never going to get to sleep. Just some tips :)

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