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First of all, I have absolutely nothing against other religions. Every single person is free to choose what they believe in, in my opinion. But this month I've been approached 5 times from people who were offering me pamphlets about some new church that has recently opened in my town. I can't help thinking how annoying it is when I have to take my earplugs off to hear what they're saying to me and when I politely refuse to accept the pamphlet, because I'm not going to even look at it, they get mad. Two times out of those 5, I was even insulted.

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  • I'm a Christian and I feel kinda... disappointed when other Christians set out a bad example of respect. For instance you say you're on headphones... meaning you're in your world and probably chose not to be bothered. If they still bother you and end up insulting you, I doubt they're serious about their own beliefs... Who knows maybe better attitudes could have touched you. Maybe I'm different from who has religion: I have faith.

  • Unfortunately they're doing it because they want to recruit, so they get pissed when you say no.

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