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Im a very athletic 200lb 19 year old. Never thought id let a girl hurt my feelings because of how masculine i thought i was. my First girlfriend cheated on me, made me feel like complete shit and i don't know how to pull myself out of it. It's been 4 Months since.

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  • I had a similar situation happen to me and trust me your low confidence will boost back up if you simply tell yourself that it didn't happen because of you and that you have to give yourself a lot more time to be back up on your feets. Personnally I'm nearly a year passed this awful relationship, and its been 2-3 months that I've been feeling completely fine with it. So just let time do its job and try to have fun and change your mind in the meantime.

  • she was right to cheat on you. if you think you cant be mentally hurt because you have lots of muscles. then you are the most stupid person on earth. ahh this is making me so angry right now. i hope youll never find a girlfriend or if you find one i hope shes cheating on you as well

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