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I'm the laziest person on earth. My mom's approach all my life was tough but she was right 98% of the time. I have this outside that seems like I can take care of myself. I moved out to an available empty apartment that belongs to a relative. It seems I can manage most things, I'm 30 and I'm in my 2nd job (which comes with ridiculous tasks that are not very structured, often confusing and mind exhausting). Yet, when it comes to caring for my home... I love cooking but hate cleaning up. I live in a south East Asia area where weather brings roaches and insects often. I'm so lazy to convince myself to pick up stuff and tidy up, yet I'm terrified at roaches. Why do procrastinate??? It's about time to clean up those rubbish bags that are full by now!

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  • I hate cleaning too but it has to be done and if you do it daily you wont overwhelm yourself that helped me alot.... I had to clean alot as a kid because my mom was lazy and my hrothers sucked at it (or just pretended to) so i really hate cleaning.... But it puts my mind at ease that its only my mess i have to clean too lol

  • Then, you must Indonesian.

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