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I was dating this guy online for 2 years, he flew over from quite far away, the first day we met I got my first kiss, gave my first BJ and lost my virginity to my first BF... I didn't know my mom could hear us the first time... Was I too easy going on him?

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  • kind of... but if you have future plans, no problem, nothing to get worried about, he got his prize.

  • i was long distance with a Filipina. Flew over after 2 years. Got my first kiss. touched my first boob. We have ben married for 7 years now, but seriously 100% of the other girls I had talked to and passed on ended up boning foreigners who left them. So did a lot of my wife's friends. DO NOT trust all white guys. I and people like me are very rare. Be careful with your virginity.

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