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do any of you know, what it feels like to have every meal as a battle for life? one year ago, out of the blue, my brain went in to starving mode, thats what happens to starving people when they for get good, their brain fools them to feel full so they dont feel the hunger when they dont have anything to eat. i used to eat so much, but i suddently didnt feel hungry again. 3 months ago i had bloodtests done, a brain scan and my stomach checked for why that happened and why i dont have my hunger no matter how long i go without food. the result? they dont know why, and they expect me to never get it back. every day, i need to stuff food down my throat, i cry, while i do the basic human thing, eating. i am doing good now, i eat 4 times a day, but some days i forget to eat again, and i have to start all over, cry myself through that one week. do you know how hard that is? i have no eating disorder, i am not skin and bones, i look like a healthy girl for my age, i look fit. but all of that is the result of over 6 months of starving.

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  • I hope your brains get to it's functions properly and may the doctors find out what really goes on. It must be horrible for you. Best wishes though.

  • Hope you get well soon enough!

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