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I don't think that I live such an unhealthy life, even if I spent years of my life studying the shit out of myself hardly sleeping a couple hours a day... Just kidding. Anyway, I shouldn't be soooo stressed out. But I don't think it's a common thing. I mean hair loss is apparently a natural process... but not for a 18-year-old girl. Srsly. I am just about to finish high school, and I am literally balding. I'm so confused. I can't even cry. Of course I cried a lot, but it's obviously useless. I'm so tired of even complaining about it, but What The. What. Just What. I'm sorry, apparently it's not a big deal, but WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK IS HAPPENING TO ME

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  • Could be (I hope its not but its possible) some chemical thing related to stuff you eat regularly, like poisoned water (happened in my town once), so please do.

  • Go to a dermatologist if you havent yet! :/

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