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Since I was about 7 years of age, I didn't like the fact that my mom was pushing religion upon me. Essentially I believed in god since I could remember, still do, but I realized I am a Deist. I believe that since god is more of a belief rather than an obligation. It gets me extremely frustrated whenever someone brings up the reason as to why their religion is the correct one, when really all religion is is (in my opinion) an excuse to do stupid actions ( terrorism), "charity", and as a cushion for the afterlife or incentive to be good. Just thought I should share my thought.

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  • I simply know that nobody has the real truth of why we are here, so there isnt reason to stressing about it, if some god exists great, cool, if there isnt god, cool, great too...let's continue living the real life and the present which is the only thing we have.

  • I feel that if the god of the Bible/Torah/Koran existed, he would have a lot of explaining to do for me not to label him Evil. I mean a LOT of explaining.

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