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I just destroyed my friendship because I was trying to save it. I just don't think things through. now I'm at the worst time in my life so far. i feel so lonely. I despised myself. Every time I see them being all happy together, I feel frustrated and angry at myself. I'm just so retardedly dumb.

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  • Thanks for the kind words. They're like the best friends that I had. Making friends isn't easy for me. Losing them hits me really hard.

  • Do not be discouraged... if they're real friends with you they'll eventually forgive you... if not then maybe you were too much of a good friend to the wrong people. But if whatever you did was for the sake of your friendship then it's not a dumb thing and you're not dumb at all. Good friends will know that a friend like you is hard to find, and it shouldn't be one-sided. You did your part, now it depends on them and you'll see if they're worth it.

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