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Here's a question I'd like opinions on: Do you believe online relationships are actual relationships? Or do you have to meet that person in order for it to be a relationship?

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  • No, they are not a real relationship until you meet. A huge part of a relationship is the physicality, and I'm not just talking about things like sex, kissing, holding hands, etc. Physicality is the way that they smell, the way that their entire body reacts when you say something, the way that they move. You can never really be in an online relationship with somebody, unless you want to date somebody you don't actually know. I know I'm about to get a lot of negativity from the people who disagree with me, but I don't care. I'm speaking from personal experience on my own behalf, along with several people I know. A relationship cannot be real until all of the elements are fulfilled; that includes physicality.

  • yes, they are, if you both agree. If you just want a relationship to have sex, no they are not then... everytlthing is relative and depends on the situation.

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