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so my mom and dad have been together for 26 years, they were happily in love and everything was fine until a couple years back me and my older sister noticed my mom had been acting pretty suspicious with her phone. We would always try to search through it but she had a password on it and we didnt know it. We noticed she had been talking to this person a lot which she had saved in her phone as "Gina M" (which is close to George Martinez which we think is the man she's been talking to) so we caught her multiple times getting messages from him saying he wants to take her out and stuff like that. More than 4 times a week she locks herself in her room and talks to someone on her phone while my dad is at work and everyone is at school and every time we ask her who she's talking to she denies that she was ever on the phone. She says that my dad never wants to go out anymore or do anything with her anymore and he had changed and we kind of see it to but if she wasn't happy with him why would she stay? Should we tell my dad what she's doing? What should I do?

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  • If you feel you have the right to control other people's lives, it just mean that you are weak. Be strong and focus first on your own.

  • For those Who says "mind your business" its their mother they live with her so its their busines

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