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I feel depressed because no one, despite being nice to me, ever talk to me me. I'm always the one that has to call the others, as no one ever remembers about me. I'm obsessed with thinking that everyone is faking that they like me. I seem like a very happy person but in my insides I always want to cry.

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  • live for yourself forget people, most people suck, do something to stop depending emotionally from other people, you and only you are in charge of your own happiness, not even your parents.

  • omg finally someone who knows exactly what I'm going through and need. okay my closest friends always say that they're fine when I want to talk to them eventhough I know they're not fine because other people have told me they're troubles. for once I want a decent answer from someone. I want to be that someone? would you like a pair of ears? or even eyes considering I'll be reading... :)

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