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I hate putting on makeup. It stings, takes a long time, for me it's never worth it in the end, it never looks like the many how to do videos on YouTube, make your bag heavy, and it's like putting on a mask that you can't take off. Plus natural beauty is WAY better. I'm a girl and I quit wearing makeup! I'm VERY proud of myself.

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  • god your fucking lazy. it's called practice, persistence and attention to detail. That's how all of life is approached. natural beauty is cool, but makeup is used to amplify your natural looks, not turn you into someone else entirely. That's called theater makeup, chances are you got the two confused.

  • Stop accusing me because I'm horrible at makeup! It's the only reason I quit! If you read carefully I clearly said to me it stings! And I don't like looking fancy, it's my opinion so don't argue!

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