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I'm 42. Used to be pretty heavy, but now I run 5.5 miles four times a week and I try to eat healthy. My husband, we're kinda separated, won't even attempt to exercise even though he promised to try and is over a hundred pounds over weight. It makes me so angry that he won't try to take care of himself that I don't even care anymore. If he wants to work himself into an early grave, that's his choice! I look at him and I get disgusted.

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  • So dump his ass and get with a tiny dicked gym rat

  • disgusting. forgetting that he actually liked and wanted your fat ass, than turn around and treat him like shit cuz "you can do better." maybe, I don't know, ask him what he'd like to do that would be fun for the both of you, and get him to exercise? how the mighty have fallen

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