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I take a lot of pride in my grades. It is what I shove in peoples faces when they say I'm a failure. First thing I mention at job interviews. I convinced my father in law to allow me to marry his daughter because I was valedictorian. Now I'm back in school to finish my degree and my 4.0 is going to be shattered by Chemistry. I got a 67% on the last test. Well it looks like I have no chance of an Ivy League school anymore. Worst part? it's an intro course taught by a high school teacher who gives half the answers out.

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  • Grades are a tap in the head,the same type of tap in the head you give a bitch when she sucks the dick properly. because that's what you're doing,seeking for approval,seeking for assurance that you're special. you're not,you're good at following orders,and that's about it. find your own way,or not. the life is yours.

  • chemistry always sucked

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