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I keep getting auditory hallucinations. They're usually faint screaming, scratching at the door, glass breaking, heavy footsteps, doors/windows being forced open, open faucets, furniture moving. The worst one is hearing one very loud and breathy whisper in my ear when I'm just about to sleep. I swear I can even feel the voice's breath sometimes. They've been less disturbing since I adopted the cat, but they still scare me enough to sleep with a hand on a knife and prevent me from sleeping with the lights off. I'm a 20-year old woman, by the way. Before you say it, weed makes it worse with visual hallucinations too. What the hell is wrong with me?

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  • It is quite likely that you have a mental disorder (many, many people do) that needs to be assessed by a professional. Please, don't delay in seeking treatment. This could escalate before you know it, and sometimes there are things that you simply can't fix n your own.

  • isolation and meditation. we all have ''demons'' in our minds,the more you learn how to face them,the more they'll go away. i once spent 10 days alone in a house and with a broken leg,the house is said to be haunted and i did felt and heard strange noises,smells and shadows. i lost my mind and circled back to sanity again.

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