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a lot of guys think they're hot if they can play an instrument like guitar or drums, or if they can sing. i don't see it as attractive. but i act like it is and hide the fact i can play guitar, bass, drums, piano and sing(not all at the same time of course). I write all my own stuff. i hide that I'm in a thrash band because I'm afraid they'll be turned off. once i dated this guy who played guitar and asked him to come to one of my shows, he dumped me because he felt i was competition and that i was better than him... Am i a bad woman for doing what i love? why should i have to hide it?

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  • Real musicians look up to their competition as inspirations and learn from them. Dump their sorry butts if they're trying to woo you with their skills.

  • Let your music blare and scare away anyone who is not worthy of your presence! To me darling you sound amazing and I wish I had those talents! Practice, play, and write anything you like!

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