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There this guy that is very chill and fun to be friends with but he likes me and I don't like him in that way , I told him once and he stopped talking to me ,

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  • he was after the pussay,he won't be getting any pussay so he went away. i don't see what's the problem now,would you rather him to be stalking you or pretending to be friends just to try and get to your pussay later? girls really don't know what they want.

  • Welcome to being crushzoned. (The inevitable result of men whining about 'friendzone' - they find out their crush isn't gonna get them any sex and give up interacting with you at all. On the one hand, it sucks bc you know they only gave a shit about fucking you and don't value your friendship and were basically lying to you this whole time, but on the other you know you dodged a bullet there because he's clearly an arsehole.)

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