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I will get like 100 disproves, but sometimes i think about cheating. i haven't cheated my gf (4 years together). but i have trust issues. she has been cheating me + haven't told me that (after 6 moths i heard story from her friend. who said she was fucking, when i asked her she told they were only kissing, but c'mon.) and i can't live with that even, if it was 3 years ago and she was drunk who cares i didn't went to party where everybody is like 5-7 year older than me. so about my affair i would like to have pot smoking and pretty girl, who likes anal and gives me head, i would return every thing that she wants. Male 20.

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  • cheat on her then , i mean once a cheater would always a cheater

  • Once they kiss it's not far from teabagging, gagging and swallowing juiceloads. Do that to her, even add a deep shit on her stomach and dump her afterwards. Either shes goin to become a cracky or shell never do that again.

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