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I believe life would be much better if we were less negative, more helpful, more positive, less greedy, and less judgmental.

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  • Negativity was born as a reaction to positivity. When it comes to mankind's free will, we have no power to control our neighbours thoughts and actions... not as much as we wish we could. A challenge that life throws at us is one thing, an attitude is another... and every attitude has a number of reasons. It's all about the character we build up... and it's not that simple. Then again, evil exists. Up to each one to choose responsibly. Were free to choose, but we're prisoners of the consequences that sooner or later may occur.

  • Life would be boring if everybody were positive, less greedy, and less judgemental. Let's be honest, the reason why life is fun is because it's challenging. If everybody were happy all the time, and there were less issues, everybody would be bored out of their minds.

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