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today in maths clas our teacher started scolding us because wsome didn't come and some didn't read for the test and he casually mentioned that he only does this because he loves us and believes in us and kept scolding us. Then he told me that he would arrange 2 hours for me to go there and talk about limits and other stuff that I want to learn (I'm in10th grade, these things are for 11th and 12th grade) and he was so kind I almost started crying and wanted to hug him. He thought I was just being very enthusiastic. In fact I was really depressed, because Ifelt completely worthless and was planning to cut my veins after the class. In fact he telling he believes in me, among the other kids, and that he'll spare two whole hours for me, to explain me things he doesn't have to, gave me a boost. It is really, really what I needed and one of the best things anyone has ever said and done for me

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  • Why do you want to study limits and those things? Do you want to study something technical lateron? :) Or are you particularly interested in the subject?

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