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I just had a huge fight with my sister. Our parents live in another country and it's just the both of us here. As she has a job and I don't, I'm expected to have this house all shiny and clean, like I don't have errands to run and stuff to do outside... However, I still clean, cook in order for her to spend less money on lunch at work, wash her clothes, help her clean her room on her day off so she "won't be too tired at the end of the day", but that's still not enough. Well, today her clothes were outside drying and only God knows how a small dirt stain appeared on the sleeve of one of her shirts. And that's why the fight broke. Apparently nothing that I do is ever right. Well, sis, I think you've already forgotten what I did two weeks ago in order for you to look awesome in front of you - I had to cook for a bunch of people right after cleaning the kitchen on my own, at night and when I had to get up early the next day, because your little friends didn't want to spend money in restaurants, so the maid here had to do everything while you all just sat down drinking and laughing. And who had to clean the mess afterwards? I did, because your friends were so full and too lazy to walk so everybody just left when you offered to give everyone a ride. Her problem is that she spent two years here alone taking care of everything that's from my parents and now she thinks she owns everything. It's like I'm invading her territory when, after all, all of this also belongs to me. And the saddest part? To my parents I'm always wrong and she's always right. I simply don't care anymore. From now on she'll do her own stuff if she wants it done. I won't wash her clothes or cook for her anymore. And I guess I'll just focus entirely on trying to find a job just so I can have the excuse of not being able to do shit at home because I'm too tired. When you'll ask for another favor... I'll just show her the finger and turn around. I'm done.

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  • It sounded like you were the house wife so to speak

  • I wish you the best of luck! Don't let her make you her slave, you're definitely worth more than that!

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