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I, a woman, recently realized I look good in men's button up shirts. I took several hand me downs from my uncles, cousin, and grandpa and I think I look good. I'm considering buying a few for myself. Men's clothes are cheaper, sturdier, and for some reason I can't comprehend, don't show my bra through the material. Why are clothes designed for bra wearers not opaque enough to hide a bra, but shirts for non bra wearers are? I don't get it. But anyways, I have no plans to give up my men's button ups. Once you realize how fine you look in them, there's no going back. Especially if you like to girl it up with makeup, jewelry, cute hairstyle, and/or tie up the ends at waist level. Or stay natural looking, you still look hot.

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  • Honestly couldn't agree more. It irks me to no end when I can see my bra through anything, and women's shirts are so transparent. I tend to like men's clothes in general, they feel more secure and protective than female clothes and don't look bad for the comfort level! Keep rockin' the shirts!

  • Get your shirt altered by a tailor or you risk looking like a man-dressing bull dyke

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