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I'm afraid of driving...i have always been. Then...I crashed my dad's car when I was learning and my fear increased and became a phobia, a very strong phobia. Not only that, I'm really clumsy also and I remember my driving teacher even yelled at me once because of my stupid mistakes. My parents and the teacher forced me to take the test and I was so so nervous that the officer in charge of the test tought i was going to faint. I don't care if I have to pay bus or taxi for my whole live...I don't want to drive again but I hate myself for being so useless at something as basic...please tell me I'm not alone

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  • I don't like cars,because of the car crashes, happening on a daily basis. More people are dead on the roads each year... I don't want to become just another statistics. So I take the bus. It crowded,yes.But that way I feel more safe. Hope I helped. :)

  • You're not useless, everyone has a phobia for something.. you can still try overcoming it, but i heard you can hire a driver and pay him to drive you any time any day,''Goodluck

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